" Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten? "
by Sigmund Freud (via kushandwizdom)

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i wish to be viewed as a human being

not to be asked

when are u 2 going to get married

doesn’t he want to get a marriage

how many kids do u want

if ur not thinking about marriage he is using u 

bla bla

I am a human being

I make my decisions

I am not a body or a thing that can get used

I am not a piece of meat u need to get rid of or else I’m going to rot (read get old and ugly) and no one will need me

I am not a thing to be owned

I am not a pet who needs a caretaker

I can make my own decisions

I can feel satisfied with myself without a recognition from the opposite gender in a form of proposal

It is not respect when parents say that someone should marry u just because u two have sex

it’s disrespect because when they think or say things like that they are thinking about u as a piece of meat that can be used

my body is nothing

i am a soul

do u ask your sons have they slept with their girlfriends and then try to pressure them to somehow make the marriage happen so the girl is not using him?

why is female body used? how come that male body somehow is never used in the eyes of society?

sorry about the terrible english but a rant is a rant